Let the search for providers begin

The doctors and facilities in our network have agreed to provide services at a discount, which may help lower your health care costs — that's why searching for network providers makes good sense.

Selecting a primary care physician (PCP)

To get started, use the provider directory link shown above. After clicking on this link, you'll see a page where you can enter your location.

1. Under Find Health Care by Category, select People.

2. Then select Primary Care for a list of the PCP types.

3. Click on All Primary Care Physicians to see a list of PCPs.

4. Choose the name of the network PCP you'd like to coordinate your care.

5. Click Enrollment Information for the Physician ID number— you'll need the number to enroll.

A friendly reminder: if you're enrolling in a family health plan, you'll need to choose a PCP for each plan member. 

Transferring records to your new primary care physician (PCP)

If you’re selecting a new PCP, there’s an easy way to make sure your medical history stays with you. To transfer your records from your current PCP to your soon-to-be new one, you have 2 options:

  • Complete this release form and send it directly to the office of your current PCP.
  • Complete this release form when you check in for a visit to your new PCP — the office will help ensure your records are transferred.