Care management

These member resources and services are designed to help support you on the journey to your best health.

Centers of Excellence

If you have a special condition, our Centers of Excellence (COE) network provides help finding a doctor and medical center as well as help with understanding your illness. COEs are intended to complement local hospital and physician care and offer benefits that may include: 

  • Higher rates of accurate diagnoses and appropriate therapy 
  • Fewer complications 
  • Planned and coordinated care provided by a team of experts 
  • Higher survival rates, shorter stays and decreased costs 
  • Expanded treatment options 

Plan members can see covered services by visiting or calling the member phone number on their health ID card. 

Centers of Excellence

Asthma management

Get ongoing 1-on-1 support from a nurse, so you can breathe easier. When you join, you’ll partner with a nurse, who can help you manage your asthma symptoms, create an action plan and take steps to control health care costs.  

Plan members can get started by calling the member phone number on their ID card.

Bariatric resource services program

Get education and personal support before and after weight-loss surgery with the Bariatric Resource Services Program. Our nurse care managers will be there to help you along the way. 

Cancer resource services

Cancer Resource Services is here to help connect you and your family with dedicated cancer nurses who can offer personalized support during diagnosis through treatment. They will help you understand your diagnosis and share information that may help you make more informed decisions about your care as well as find emotional support for you and your family members. 

Plan members can learn more by calling the member phone number on their ID card. 

Cancer resources

Comprehensive Kidney Solution program

If you’ve been diagnosed with kidney disease, the Comprehensive Kidney Solution program will provide resources to help you manage it. Our experienced nurses will help you learn how to manage the disease. They will also work with your doctor, dialysis centers, and others on your care. 

To take advantage of the program, plan members can call the member phone number on their ID card.  


Congenital heart disease resource services

Access a team of specialized Congenital Heart Disease nurses that will support you through all stages of treatment and recovery. They will help you make informed treatment decisions and guide you to top-performing Centers of Excellence providers. 

Members can get started by calling the member phone number on their ID card.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder management

Get ongoing 1-on-1 support from a nurse, who can help you avoid triggers, manage your condition and understand your doctor's treatment plan. Plus, learn about tracking progress at home using a scale and app or tablet to help you take charge of symptoms. 

Members can learn more by calling the member phone number on their ID card. 

Diabetes management

Get ongoing 1-on-1 support from a nurse, who can help you answers to questions about diet and exercise, as well as support for monitoring your blood sugar and understanding medications. 

Members can get started by calling the member phone number on their ID card.  

Support for parents whose infants are admitted to the NICU

Neonatal Resource Services (NRS) provides a dedicated team of experienced neonatologists, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse case managers and social workers who can provide support and assistance during your infant’s admission to the NICU. The case manager will also provide discharge planning assistance and ongoing support post-discharge based on your infant’s needs.  

Members can take part in the NRS program by calling the member phone number on their ID Card. 

The plan pays benefits under the Covered Health Care Service Category in your plan documents. 

Transplant Resource Services

From pre-transplant to post-surgery, the Transplant Resource Services program puts compassionate experts by your side. 

This program can connect you to transplant Centers of Excellence. Our experienced nurses will work with you and your doctors throughout your care. You'll also gain access to: 

  • Travel and lodging assistance for COEs over 50 miles away 
  • Education, support and assistance with treatment plans 

Transplant resources