Prescriptions and Pharmacies

UnitedHealthcare has teamed up with OptumRx as your care provider to help you find out what medications are covered, check out ways to lower your costs, see how to fill your prescriptions and more.

Prescription Drugs — How to find out what's covered

When it comes to coverage, keep in mind that some medications may have requirements before filling them. Also, if a medication doesn't fit your budget, it's a good idea to remember your doctor is here to help—talk to them about lower cost options.

Prescription Drugs

The easiest way to find out if a prescription is covered is to check the Prescription Drug List (PDL) — which takes the most commonly prescribed medications and organizes them into cost tiers. For more on the PDL, see the Prescription Costs section.

Is your medication covered in the PDL?

Traditional 3-Tier

Specialty Medications

Medications used to treat complex or rare conditions may need to be obtained from a specialty pharmacy. You may also be able to use our specialty pharmacy for ongoing support. Learn more by visiting Optum Specialty Pharmacy.

Prescription Costs — How to manage them

The Prescription Drug List (PDL) takes medications and places them into tiers, arranging them from lowest to highest cost.

Tier 1

Lowest Cost

Mostly generic and some name-brand medications.

Tier 2

Mid-range Cost

A mix of brand-name and generic medications.

Tier 3 Highest

Highest Cost

Mostly brand-name drugs, as well as some generic medications.

Fills and Refills — How to get them

You have choices in the way you order your prescriptions.

Order in.

With home delivery, you can order up to 3-month supply of medications you take regularly. Signing up is easy, and there's free standard shipping to U.S. addresses.