Here for health, here for help

When you need help managing your health plan and health care, you've got tools and programs that help make it easier and more convenient. When you have questions that need answers, you've got a support team you can chat with. Check out this page to see what your health plan has to offer.

Digital tools and online resources

UnitedHealthcare’s digital tools and online resources help make managing your health — and health plan — easier and more convenient.

Access your plan easily

With®, you’ve got your own personalized health hub built to help you manage your health plan 24/7. With, you can check in on your plan whenever you want — which helps make it easier to stay on top of your benefit details.

  • Search for a network doctor
  • Find and estimate the cost of care
  • View claims details
  • Check your plan balances

Get on-the-go access

With the UnitedHealthcare app®, you get your health info, wherever you go. When your health plan's right at your fingertips, you can manage your benefits anytime, anywhere.

Download the UnitedHealthcare app to:

  • Find nearby care options in your network
  • See your claim details and view progress toward your deductible 
  • View and share your digital health plan ID card
  • Video chat with a doctor 24/7

Transition of Care

If you are new to UnitedHealthcare and are currently receiving treatment for a specific medical condition by an out-of-network provider, we don’t want to disrupt that care. That’s why we offer Transition of Care, which lets you continue to receive care - for a limited time - as we help you make the change to a network provider.

To see if you qualify and to obtain a Transition of Care form, speak with your benefit manager. Be sure to advise them of your state of residence so that you are given the proper form.

Receive benefit and wellness news

Benefit Awareness News® is a quarterly eNewsletter designed to help you take full advantage of your health benefits and make informed health care decisions.

New plan members can register on


Benefit Awareness eNewsletters contain general health information only and are not intended to provide medical advice. Consult an appropriate health care professional for your specific needs.

On-demand help with stress, anxiety and depression

Sanvello™ is an app that uses clinically validated techniques designed to work together to relieve symptoms and help improve your mental well-being — anywhere, anytime. Learn cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, access on-demand coping and meditation tools, track your daily moods, and find support in a vibrant peer community.


This app is available for download for iPhone® or Android®.  iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Android is a registered trademark of Google LLC.


The Sanvello mobile application should not be used for urgent care needs. If you are experiencing a crisis or need emergency care, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. The information contained in the Sanvello mobile application is for educational purposes only; it is not intended to diagnose problems or provide treatment and should not be used as a substitute for your provider’s care. Please discuss with your doctor how the information provided may be right for you. Available to all UnitedHealthcare members at no additional cost as part of their benefit plan. Participation in the program is voluntary and subject to the terms of use contained in the application.

Get more from your health plan

These member resources and services are designed to help support you on the journey to your best health.

Healthier living resources

Talk to an advocate

Connect with an advocate over the phone, via® webchat or on the UnitedHealthcare® app — someone who can provide you with information and support to help you understand your benefits and claims, make more informed decisions about your health and access the care that helps fits your needs.

Advocates are available 24/7.

Support your emotional well-being

Behavioral health is an essential part of your overall well-being. No matter how big or small of an issue — if mental or emotional challenges are affecting you, it matters.

Get connected to self-help digital tools, behavioral health providers (in-person or virtual) and other resources that can help with a variety of concerns such as:

  • Stress relief
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Coping with grief and loss
  • Medication management
  • Compulsive habits and eating disorders
  • Alcohol and drug use
After your coverage begins, you can check benefit eligibility and get started by calling the number on your health plan ID card or visiting

It helps to have someone to talk to

When life gets stressful, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is just a phone call away. EAP coordinators are trained to connect you with the specialist or service best able to help you:

  • Address depression, stress, anxiety, or substance use issues
  • Improve relationships at home or work
  • Work through emotional issues or grief
  • Get legal or financial assistance
  • Find support for child and elder care services
  • And more

Behavioral Health Solutions

Learn more about preventive care

A big part of living a healthier life is detecting health issues early. Following clinically accepted age and gender preventive care guidelines for screenings and immunizations may help you manage your health. The interactive Preventive Care Guidelines tool makes it quicker and easier to get the guidelines that may be right for you and a checklist you can use in talking with your doctor.

Have fun and get healthier

Have fun and get healthier with Rally®, a digital experience that’s designed to help you achieve your health goals — from being more active to eating better — and reward you along the way. 

When you join Rally, you’ll:

  • Take a health survey and use your results to set goals
  • Get personalized recommendations to build healthier habits
  • Earn Rally Coins that you can use for a chance to win rewards

With Rally, healthier living has its rewards and you can get started as soon as your coverage begins by logging into

Lose weight, feel great

Connect with a community of support with Real Appeal®, an online weight loss program designed to inspire healthier behaviors.

It includes:

  • Online, coach-led group sessions that focus on a variety of wellness topics
  • A Success Kit with kitchen tools, guides and fitness equipment delivered to your door
  • Motivational resources and a personalized online dashboard to track your progress

As part of the Real Appeal community, you’ll have the support of other members to help cheer you on — right from the start.

Rewards for healthier actions

SimplyEngaged® Plus is a fun and simple digital experience that connects you to personalized health recommendations, content and resources. When you complete certain health and wellness actions, you’ll earn rewards up to the maximum for that reward. Covered employees and covered spouses can earn rewards separately. Children may not participate.

Available tools and programs include:

  • Health Survey
  • Biometric Screening
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Fitness Program
  • Rally Missions
  • Gym Check-in
  • Cost Estimate

Connect 24/7 with Virtual Visits

With 24/7 Virtual Visits, you can connect to a care provider by phone or video* through® or the UnitedHealthcare® app. Providers can treat a range of non-emergency health conditions — and may even prescribe medication as needed**.

24/7 Virtual Visits are good for common conditions such as:

  • Allergies
  • Bronchitis
  • Eye infections
  • Flu
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Rashes
  • Sore throats
  • Stomachaches

Connect with a doctor now

Disease care resources

Get access to the nation’s leading health care facilities

If you have a special condition, our Centers of Excellence (COE) network provides help finding a doctor and medical center as well as help with understanding your illness. COEs are intended to complement local hospital and physician care and offer benefits that may include:

  • Higher rates of accurate diagnoses and appropriate therapy
  • Fewer complications
  • Planned and coordinated care provided by a team of experts
  • Higher survival rates, shorter stays and decreased costs
  • Expanded treatment options

COEs are here to offer access to the care you need, when you need it.

Asthma Management

Get ongoing 1-on-1 support from a nurse, so you can breathe easier. When you join, you’ll partner with a nurse, who can help you manage your asthma symptoms, create an action plan and take steps to control health care costs. 

New members can get started by calling the member phone number on their ID card, TTY 711 or visiting to learn more.

Bariatric Resource Services Program

Get education and personal support before and after weight-loss surgery with the Bariatric Resource Services program. Our nurse care managers will be there to help you along the way. Gain access to high-quality specialty care from top providers at leading regional bariatric programs, Lifestyle Change Management, and Personalized Clinical Management.

Members can learn more by calling the member phone number on their ID card, TTY 711 or visiting

Cancer Resource Services

Get personal support from an experienced cancer nurse who can help you understand your diagnosis and share information to help you make informed decisions about your care.

Members can learn more by calling the member phone number on their ID card, TTY 711 or visiting

Congenital Heart Disease Resource Services

Access a team of specialized Congenital Heart Disease nurses that will support you through all stages of treatment and recovery. They will help you make informed treatment decisions and guide you to top-performing Centers of Excellence providers.

Members can get started by calling the member phone number on their ID card, TTY 711 or visiting to learn more.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder Management

Get ongoing 1-on-1 support from a nurse, who can help you avoid triggers, manage your condition and understand your doctor's treatment plan. Plus, learn about tracking progress at home using a scale and app or tablet to help you take charge of symptoms.

Members can learn more by calling the member phone number on their ID card, TTY 711 or visiting

Save on specialist copays

2023 Wellness Plan

The State of Maryland is continuing their Wellness Plan in 2023. All employees, spouses and non-Medicare retirees are asked to complete all 4 wellness activities for 2023. Please note that 2023 is a reset year, so activities completed in 2022 will not carry over. Participating in this plan can help you save money on your health care with $0 copays on PCP and behavioral health office visits and 24/7 Virtual Visits, plus a reduction in specialist visit copays.

Save on specialist copays
Visit your PCP to get any recommended preventive screenings. If you complete at least 1 of the following screenings, you’ll save $5 on specialist copays.

Screenings include:

  • A routine checkup, including personal history, blood pressure, body mass index, physical exam and comprehensive metabolic blood panel including LDL/HDL, hemoglobin A1C and CBC
  • Breast cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Tetanus and diphtheria immunization

How to register:

1. Log in or register at

2. Click on the “Health Resources” tab, then click “View Your Program”

3. Register for Rally

4. Go to the “Rewards” section to confirm your PCP

Note: You can find your status in the “I Get” section. 

For more information, visit the Employee Health Benefits website at and click the “Wellness” tab. Here, you’ll find the Wellness Activities in the 2023 information sheet, along with the list of screenings and the Wellness Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


Make the call, take the call

The State of Maryland Wellness Program offers free confidential health coaching to help you understand your health status and provide motivating support over the phone for: weight management, managing stress, physical activity, nutrition, quitting tobacco and heart health.

UnitedHealthcare members connect with your health coach at: 1-800-478-1057

Currently a member?

Log in to® to access your personalized health care and benefits information.


Vision benefits

Learn about the benefits available by reviewing this comparison document.

Using our vision plan

Your vision plan includes reimbursements for routine vision services and hardware when you use a network provider. You can choose from local and national network providers in Spectera Eyecare Networks.

To find a network provider, search by provider name, specialty or location at

No claim forms are needed when you use a network vision provider. However, if you use an out-of-network provider, you will need to complete the Out-of-Network Claim Form.  

Vision benefits that up the frame game

For the price of your copay, you can set your sights on a huge range of frames — including those found in Warby Parker stores.

Frame designs — created in-house and made from top-tier materials.

Eyeglass treatments — come with scratch-resistant, smudge-resistant and anti-reflective treatments at no additional cost.

Helping others — For every pair purchased, a pair is given to someone in need.

Maternity Vision Benefits

Our vision plan now includes benefits designed to help ensure optimal eye health for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The new maternity vision benefits includes coverage for a second eye exam during the plan year. You can also get a new pair of glasses - frames and lenses - if your vision prescription changes .5 diopter or greater in a plan year.  

This benefit is available at no additional premium cost. Standard copays apply.

Children's Eye Care Program

With this eye care program, children up to age 13 can receive a second eye exam each plan year. The program also offers coverage for a new pair of glasses (frames and lenses) if your child's vision prescription changes .5 diopter or greater in a plan year.

This coverage is available at no additional premium cost and standard copays apply.