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Medications can play an important role in maintaining your health.  Check out what's covered, ways to lower costs, how to fill prescriptions and more.

See if your medications are covered

Using the Prescription Drug List (PDL) is the easiest way to find out which prescription drugs are covered in a plan. PDL changes happen frequently, so be sure to check it often to ensure you have the most updated information.

Tier 1

Lowest Cost

Mostly generic and some name-brand medications.

Tier 2

Mid-range Cost

A mix of brand-name and generic medications.

Tier 3 Highest

Highest Cost

Mostly brand-name drugs, as well as some generic medications.

The Prescription Drug List (PDL) takes medications and places them into tiers, arranging them from lowest to highest cost.

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Traditional 3-Tier

Specialty Medications

Specialty medications are used to treat complex or rare conditions may need to be obtained from a specialty pharmacy. The OptumRx® specialty pharmacy is available to covered members using a specialty medication.  Register with Optum Specialty Pharmacy to access personalized support.

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