UnitedHealthcare Vision Plan

Eye health is important to you and your family’s overall health. A vision plan from UnitedHealthcare helps make it easy to maintain healthier eyes and good sight while helping you save money. Our vision plan provides eye exams and eyeglasses or contacts as well as discounts on popular lens options, laser vision correction, and extra pairs of eyewear. You’ll have access to a national network of providers that includes a mix of ophthalmologists and optometrists in both private practice and retail settings.


Network Benefits

Network providers recommended, out of network allowed

Vision Benefits

Comprehensive eye exams, flexible frame coverage, popular lens options, and more

Discounts Available

From lenses and contacts to laser correction procedures, plus more

Network Out-of-network reimbursements
Comprehensive Exam $10 $40
Eyeglasses (frames and lenses) $10 $40
Network Out-of-network reimbursements
Frames retail chain $150 $40
Frames private practice $150 $40
Eyeglass Lenses N/A N/A
Contact Lenses $10 $125
Benefit Frequency
Comprehensive Exam Once every 12 months
Frames Once every 12 months
Eyeglass Lenses Once every 12 months
Contact Lenses in place of eyeglasses Once every 12 months


Vision benefits that up the frame game.

For the price of your copay, you can set your sights on a huge range of frames — including those found in Warby Parker stores.

Frame designs — created in-house and made from top-tier materials.

Eyeglass treatments — come with scratch-resistant, smudge-resistant and anti-reflective treatments at no additional cost.

Helping others — For every pair purchased, a pair is given to someone in need.

Are your providers in network?

Find out if your optometrist, ophthalmologist, private practice or retail shop is in network

Plan Highlights

Whether your vision is 20/20 or less than perfect, everyone needs to receive regular vision care. This vision plan from UnitedHealthcare gives you access to a large network of eye-health providers and the freedom to choose treatment options and eyewear.

Discounts Available

With the vision plan, you can take advantage of a number of different discounts — all of them are great to see and hear.

Ordering Contact Lenses

When ordering contacts, use our online discount ordering program to help save up to 10%.

Popular Lens Options

Ready to see savings? If not covered by your plan, you can save up to 40% on popular lens options, like progressive lenses, tints, anti-reflective coating and more. You can also look forward to:

Standard scratch-resistant coating, included at no charge.

Discounts are available on additional pairs of eyeglasses, including prescription sunglasses at participating locations.

Not available in all states.

Laser Vision Correction Procedures

You'll have access to discounts on laser vision correction procedures through our alliance with QualSight® LASIK. All QualSight LASIK surgeons offer members a discount of up to 35% of national pricing.

When you choose QualSight LASIK, you get extra value, including:

  • Free LASIK consultation.
  • Bladeless laser vision correction procedures.
  • Personal QualSight Care Manager for one-on-one help throughout the process and more.

Hear life to the fullest

With your UnitedHealthcare vision plan, you’ll have access to hundreds of name-brand and private-label hearing aids at significant savings. You’ll receive access to professional, nationwide support, online tutorials, hearing health tips and more, to help you get the most out of your hearing aids.